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Pastured Chickens & Eggs

Our birds are raised out in the sun and on fresh grass. Our meat birds are moved daily to fresh grass and given a healthy, balanced ration of grain. We don't use added hormones or antibiotics in our poultry. You will find our chicken has a superior flavor to grocery store meat and pastured meats are higher in Omega 3s, Vitamin A, and lower in fat. Our free-range layer hens can scratch and peck and eat all of the seeds, bugs, and other things they find in the grass. They're also fed a healthy, balanced grain ration with the added vitamins and minerals that they need to produce great-tasting, healthy eggs for you. You will be sure to taste the difference in farm-fresh eggs.

Pastured Chicken Cuts

For your convenience, we make our pastured chickens available to you in different cuts, so you can buy what your...

Quail Eggs

Tiny little eggs, but fun to eat!

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